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Employee Privacy Policy
  1. Introduction

    CPK takes very seriously its legal obligations with respect to its processing of personal data of Employees. The California Consumer Privacy Act requires us to provide you with information about what data we collect about you and why we do so, and this Notice is intended to provide you with that information. In this Notice references to “CPK” mean CPK and its affiliates and subsidiaries, and references to “Employees” shall be to any California resident who is a (i) CPK employee, whether full-time, part-time or temporary, (ii) CPK director or officer, (iii) CPK contractor, or (iv) job applicant seeking to become a CPK employee.

    Processing of Employee Personal Data

    In the course of our regular business, we may collect, store, transmit, and process certain types of personal data related to Employees which may include, but are not confined to, name and address, sex, date and place of birth, telephone number, e-mail address and similar communications data, IP address and geolocation data, online account username and password, bank account number, credit card or other payment information, social security number, driver’s license number, nationality, racial and ethnic origin, contact data concerning parents/guardians for minors and emergency contacts, biometric data to maintain a safer work environment, data relating to training, courses, work placements, data relating to previous and current position, data relating to nature, content and termination of the employment, data relating to attendance, data relating to absence and the reasons therefore, data related to physical or mental health or condition, data relating to working conditions, data relating to current or former family members, data relating to appraisals/career guidance including performance reviews, identification number and photographs or video images, data concerning retirement benefits, data relating to salary and other remunerations and benefits, data relating to tax and social security contributions, other data required pursuant to statutory provisions, pre-employment references, academic record, qualifications, details of dependents, job title, terms of employment and summaries of disciplinary action or complaint details, criminal offenses or related proceedings or outcomes, and other information voluntarily disclosed by an Employee through the use of systems or processes owned by CPK (“Employee Personal Data”).

    Employee Personal Data may be processed for the following reasons:

    (a) to administer human-resource functions relating to the recruitment, appointment, review and appraisal of Employees (including to conduct background and reference checks, to confirm an Employee is legally entitled to work, to conduct performance reviews and performance management) and to monitor and analyze the opportunities, remuneration and benefits available to Employees;

    (b) to administer payroll, the payment of expenses, remuneration and other benefits of Employees such as bonuses, long term investment plans, loans, retirement plans, medical care, life insurance, long and/or short term disability plans, medical and/or family leave plans;

    (c) (c) to notify Employees about products or services of selected third parties which CPK considers may be of interest to Employees;

    (d) to enable CPK to monitor and perform the duties and obligations arising under contracts of employment or contracts with third parties;

    (e) for Employee education, training and development;

    (f) to make or coordinate Employee business-related travel;

    (g) to manage sickness absence, or to comply with CPK’s health and safety obligations, or other similar obligations to Employees;

    (h) to carry out equal opportunity and diversity monitoring and/or reporting;

    (i) in order to carry out and manage the business of CPK, including for statistical analysis, or to comply with CPK’s legal obligations, for example, under laws in such areas as immigration, tax or financial regulation;

    (j) to prepare to conduct or conduct or assist in internal company investigations, audits or inquiries involving CPK;

    (k) to investigate and resolve any grievances, complaints, misconduct, breaches of any contract of employment, any applicable internal regulations or any codes or policies of CPK by or involving an Employee or where necessary to take disciplinary action against an Employee;

    (l) in regard to proceedings, inquiries and investigations of governmental, administrative, judicial or regulatory authorities involving CPK and responding to any requests or demands made on CPK by any such authorities;

    (m) to conduct activities in connection with actual or prospective legal proceedings involving CPK or for the purposes of obtaining legal advice or establishing or defending legal rights of CPK;

    (n) to ensure network and information security (including preventing unauthorized access to CPK’s computer and electronic communications systems and preventing malicious software distribution); and/or

    (o) to maintain a safe and healthy environment for employees and guests.

  2. Modification
    Subject to applicable law, this California Employee Privacy Notice may be modified, amended or rescinded at any time without prior notification.
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